The Team


Dallas Langham

Principal Podiatrist  – BPod.

Dallas is a Graduate of the University of Newcastle. He likes to engage in all facets of podiatry with a strong focus in foot and lower limb injuries, functional movement, orthotic prescription and footwear.

Dallas also finds general foot care extremely rewarding and also enjoys educating his patients regarding the role of podiatry in the prevention of diabetic foot complications.

Dallas has over 20 years in the footwear industry including 9 years specialising in footwear at Ray Baartz Sports Stores. Currently still playing basketball and trains in functional movement gym work. Has strong interests in all sports, sporting footwear and cross training.


History of Dynamic Stride:

Daniel Bagnall founded Dynamic Stride Podiatry in 2007 and over the years the clinic has developed a loyal and well cared for patient base. With a proven track record of patient care and results based treatment of foot and lower limb injuries, Dynamic Stride Podiatry is a leader in Podiatry for the Port Stephens area.